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Impression Studio 2011

NEW! Impression Studio 2011 - For Presenters

Media Connexus is proud to release Impression Studio 2011. It is a revolutionary new multimedia presentation program that empowers anyone to author rich media presentations without engaging a professional graphic designer or animator. Learn More.

  • Deploy anywhere with multiple publishing options, including .exe files.
  • Revolutionary new eTakeAway technology records the presenter's changes while allowing your audience to take notes in context of the current presentation scene.
  • Branching and non-linear presentations.


Impression Designer 2011
NEW! Impression Designer 2011 - For Designers

Along with Impression Studio we have also released her sister product, Impression Designer 2011. It is used by Adobe Flash designers to build the amazing themes that are used in Impression Studio. For talented and creative Adobe Flash developers looking for an outlet for their multimedia talent and creativity and want to apply it to the relatively untapped rich media presentation market. Learn More.

Since Designer requires a Flash designer's experience, it really cannot be used with the novice graphic designer or presenter wishing to modify an existing theme.