Impression Designer 2011 Presentation Software
Designer Values

So what are Impression Designer's value propositions? That's really a great question, because as much as we've focused on empowering everyone to create rich media presentations, we've also spent a lot of time thinking about you, the designer.

At the end of the day, Impression is of little value without its professionally designed themes. As noted on the designer perspectives page there's a symbiotic relationship between the presenter who wants what you offer and of course, what you offer.

Impression is a product that helps bring you closer to professionals that need your design skill and the glue that helps keep you together. The following discussion is our value proposition to you when you adopt the Impression Presentation Platform:

Rich Media Presentation Tool

The most obvious value is that you can add Impression to your toolbox of rich media tools enabling you to offer a new level of service to your clientele. With the Impression Presentation Platform, when clients approach you for a new ID package or a refresh on their existing package, you'll be able to offer a new custom rich media presentation service. Since Impression was designed to break down the typical barriers for offering this service to your clients, it expands your service offering.

Also, if you've already created Flash assets for your client in the form of a partial or full Flash web site, or just Flash enhancements to an HTML web site, you can leverage those assets as a starting point for a new theme in Impression.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

When your client engages you for their custom Impression theme, and it's time to deploy it into their organization, we can help you earn a bit more as a value added reseller (VAR) of Impression. Depending on the volume of licenses your client requires, if you act as our reseller we typically offer generous discounts to you so you can resell it back to your client for a profit. Media Connexus will still completely support the Impression software application. Rewarding our VAR's how we extend our thanks to you for adopting and recommending Impression.

Third Party Theme Author

Most design agencies are steeped in a service-only business model. Impression enables you to endeavor into a product based business model as well. Periods where you have idle Adobe Flash designers are ideal opportunities to build semi-custom themes that can be sold to users of Impression Studio that typically can't afford a fully customized presentation theme. We call these themes "semi-custom themes". This business model serves you in several ways:

First, semi-custom themes generate additional recurring revenue through direct sales to users of Impression Studio.

Second, many semi-custom theme owners often request some level of customization such as integrating their company logo or changing colors to match their company colors. Who better to perform that work that those who created the theme in the first place?

Finally, this product/service model provides a way to attract new design business. Young companies are typically the target audience for semi-custom themes. A young company might begin a relationship with yours by purchasing and perhaps customizing one of your themes. If they are successful it is unlikely that will be the last you hear from them. As their needs grow for a professionally designed ID package or other design services, you will be top of mind since they already have a relationship with your company.

Premier Design Partner*

Designers can apply to Media Connexus to become a Premier Design Partner (PDP). PDP members enjoy several benefits that non-member designers do not.

First, you will be listed on our web site with your own web page to advertise your Impression Presentation Platform services.

Second, should you try your hand at reselling your semi-custom themes, we are here to help. Minimally, you will be able to advertise any semi-custom themes you develop directly on our site. In addition, PDP members can submit their semi-custom themes to us for potential marketing and sales directly through our web site and sales infrastruture. Upon acceptance, we will market and sell it for you directly from our web site acting essentially as a reseller of your Impression theme.

Finally PDP members will enjoy referral status by Media Connexus. As users of Impression Studio seek out designers who can create compelling themes or other related design services, we will only ever make referrals to our exclusive PDP members.

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